Emerald is the fourth of the 8 event venues of Jenneys Residency in Coimbatore. Lavishly spread over an area of  2340 sq. ft., it can house a floating crowd of 150 people. This banquet hall in Coimbatore is built both for business as well as leisure events.  Weddings, reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries can be conducted in a lavish manner, while corporate events like product launches, business parties, conferences, fundraisers, and annual review meetings can be done flamboyantly too. We have equipped this banquet hall in Coimbatore with modern amenities like AC, Wi-Fi, an overhead projector and audio-visual equipment to help you through your events!

SizeFloating CrowdTheatre SettingU Shaped Setting Cluster SettingClassroomBoard RoomFishbone
2340 sq. ft1501007080807070